Planet Kids’ Classrooms


Classrooms at Planet Kids are designed to be safe, age-appropriate, learning environments where children can Learn, Share, Laugh and Grow.

Infant Classroom

The first 12 months of your baby’s life will have many milestones, and we can’t wait to be apart of them. Our Infant Room offers many opportunities to enhance their motor skills, social skills, and give them the self confidence they need. At Planet Kids, our infant room is full of stimulating and safe toys that help them work on their skills. For our smaller babies, tummy time is an important part of our daily routine and all caregivers make sure to use tummy time to build that special bond with your infant.

Planet Kids’ Infant Classroom Offers:

  • Plenty of time to work on large and small motor skills, hand eye coordination, and baby steps.
  • New words to learn. Infants learn through their environment, hearing new words every day helps to build a foundation for their new vocabulary.
  • Time to learn social interaction, build self confidence and awareness, and make new friends.
  • A safe, clean, bright, colorful and stimulating environment.
  • Age-appropriate fun and challenging toys.
  • Lots of Playtime and Learning experiences.

Drop by anytime for a tour of our Infant Classroom. Or, click here to request more information.

Toddler Classroom

Our toddlers are some of the most active students in our school! The toddler classroom is full of wonderful toys that allow them to build upon their imagination, use those motor skills from the infant room and begin to build lasting friendships. This is where our curriculum begins! Our toddler teacher understands the importance of learning and uses the High Reach curriculum to jump start their education.

Planet Kids’ Toddler Classroom Offers:

  • The award-winning High Reach Curriculum that helps build connections between home and school.
  • Plenty of time to work on motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Further developing a sense of self-awareness and self confidence.
  • Experiences to aid in the further development of vocabulary and language structure.
  • The beginnings of Art Work and self expression through projects.
  • Activities focused on making friends and sharing.
  • A safe, clean, colorful, age-appropriate classroom that offers fun and challenging toys and activities for little ones learn and grow.

Drop by anytime for a tour of our Toddler Classroom. Or, click here to request more information.

Three Year Old Classroom

In our three year old classroom, we are getting ready for Pre-K! Continuing with the High Reach Curriculum, our teacher works with your child on their self confidence and social skills. Our classroom offers multiple centers that allows them to get a hands on experience in many different areas of learning. From our reading center, to dramatic play, to art, your child has many opportunities to learn and grow!

Planet Kids’ Three Year Old Classroom Offers:

  • The award-winning High Reach Curriculum that focuses on family involvement and preparing your child for Pre-K
  • Daily reading to further aid in the development of language and communication skills.
  • Daily activities that introduce and support reading development.
  • Time for creative expression with plenty of opportunities for children to grow their imagination.
  • Time dedicated to working on physical development. Small motor skill development including art projects, crafts, and writing.  Large motor skills development including running, skipping, and jumping.
  • A safe, clean, age-appropriate environment for your child to learn and grow while preparing for Pre-K.

Drop by anytime for a tour of our Three Year Old Classroom. Or, click here to request more information.

Pre-K Classrooms

Planet Kids offers the “Bright From the Start” Pre-K program sponsored by the state of Georgia and our private pre-k classrooms.In these classrooms our talented teachers are getting your child ready for Kindergarten. Our goal is to have them comfortable in a classroom setting and eager to learn in their upcoming Elementary School. The classrooms offer a “center focused” learning atmosphere with counting the hands-on learning experience that we at Planet Kids encourage. The children experience math, language, sensory development and many other stimulating centers to prepare them for Kindergarten.

Drop by anytime for a tour of our Three Year Old Classroom. Or, click here to request more information.

After School Classroom

Planet kids offers a safe and encouraging environment for your Elementary Schooler! Our “Homework Zone” is a quiet and homework focused area where your student can receive individual attention on his or her homework questions. After homework is done, our After School room offers many activities for them to interact with friends and continue to use their imagination!